Our Mission at Reid Family Wellness is to heal, educate, and empower our patients.  We have a society that is looking for answers to better health and are sick and tired of taking drugs that only mask their symptoms.  Dr. Chris and Dr. Shaughn are here to help everyone understand what true health is all about and what steps need to be taken to get you there!

We are neurologically based chiropractors and stress management specialists. At Reid Family Wellness Center our purpose is to shift the way that our community views health care and teach patients how to reach optimal health , naturally!

With a unique approach to patient-care, we make sure to get to the root cause of dysfunction and disease. We understand that in order to change the pattern of  dysfunction, disease, and stress, we must look to how the brain is processing these current stressors. Research today shows that up to 95% of all disease and dysfunction comes from stress. 

However it is not just the amount of stress an individual has in their life, but rather how their brain and body are adapting and recovering from it as well. Our doctors perform stress response evaluations to get to the root cause of all disease and dysfunction. From there, they can create a unique care plan tailored for each patient’s individual needs and goals. 

Learn From Us

The more you learn about the basics, the easier it is to stay healthy!  Visit us at one of our regularly offered (FREE) healthy brain workshops.  You will leave with a healthier brain, guaranteed!

We Build Relationships

Read our reviews and see that our patients KNOW we care. Our perfect patient is someone who is willing to take control of their health picture by learning new tricks to stay healthy, follow through with recommendations based on YOUR goals.

Whole Food Nutrition

The doctors at RFW use whole food supplements. Food supplements that are grown organic, free of genetic modification and harmful pesticides. This mindful form of agriculture assures that every enzyme, phytochemical, mineral, and antioxidant is available for you or your children to benefit from.

Research Grade Test In House

At Reid Family Wellness, we use cutting edge technology to find out how your stress is affecting you personally. We use the latest, high-tech equipment  to perform a stress response evaluation, and the information gathered from this test better helps us to analyze our patient’s specific stress response and health needs. 

What We Focus On


Stress is something we all experience daily and it greatly affects how our body functions. Click below to learn more about stress and how we can help you!

Peak Performance
Peak Performance

Peak Performance in life is something we all want to achieve, but how do we get there? Click below to find out!

Family Wellness Programs
Family Wellness Programs

At Reid Family Wellness we want you and your family to achieve and maintain optimal health. Click below to learn more!

Monday & Wednesday: 8-12 2-5:30
Tuesday & Sat: By Appointment Only
Thursday: 2:00-5:30pm
Friday: 7-12pm

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