23 years ago, as a chiropractic student, I was attending a school presentation given by Dr. Ted Carrick, an internationally-known chiropractic neurologist. At a time when saturated fat and elevated cholesterol levels were being condemned for being associated with heart disease, Dr. Carrick was stating how necessary saturated fat and cholesterol are for a healthy brain and heart! 12 years ago, Van Merkle, DC, founder of Science Based Nutrition, stated that the body naturally raises its cholesterol level during times of high mental/emotional stress, to protect our nervous system (which controls every function of our body)! WOW, what a beautiful thing, and if you think about it, who in America is not trying to better manage an elevated amount of mental stress?!

A recent article states that “Research is showing that low cholesterol has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, suicide, homicide, accidental deaths, and morbid depression (Boscarino, Erlich, & Hoffman, 2009; Morgan, Palinkas, Barrett-Connor & Wingard, 1993; Mielke et al., 2005; Seneff, Wainwright & Mascitelli, 2011). “

Again quoting this article, “Women with a total cholesterol below 195 mg/dL have a higher risk of mortality compared to women with cholesterol above this cut-off (Petrusson, Sigurdsson, Bengtsson, Nilsen & Getz, 2012). In a group of men 50 years and older, researchers found depression to be three times more common in the group with low plasma cholesterol. Shockingly, men with total cholesterol below 165 mg/dL were also found to be seven times more likely to die prematurely from unnatural causes, including suicide and accidents (Boscarino, Erlich & Hoffman, 2009).”

The article notes that like firefighters at a fire, cholesterol is present at the scene of the crime, but it is not the perpetrator! Rather, it repairs damage to arteries!

So what does all of this mean? To summarize, we need saturated fat to maintain a healthy brain and heart, and STRESS is the underlying reason for having high cholesterol!

At Reid Family Wellness, we are wellness consultants and health doctors who are trained to help you and your family succeed at managing stress and attaining good health for a lifetime! It’s what we study – it’s what we do!

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Christopher J. Reid, DC, DACBN, DCBCN, CCSP, A.M.D.G.



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