Our society has been big on this word DIET for some time now. Sadly when people think of “dieting”, things that come to mind are limiting food, cutting calories and the hassles of not being able to eat what they like. This is all for the greater good of “losing a few pounds.” Although losing weight is an admirable goal, losing weight does not equal health. Your diet should be viewed as the opportunity to feed your body in a way that gives you the energy and mental clarity to take on life’s stressors. The food we put in our body greatly affects our health, as well as our immune system’s ability to function well and keep us from sickness. Most people want results now and don’t think about where they may be in 10-20 years. Your health has a direct correlation to how you take care of yourself. Therefore when beginning a diet, don’t just think about the weight goal. Also take into consideration what you want your health status to be later on in life.

There are far too many “get thin quick” or “lose weight now” weight loss schemes in our society. The problem is that those schemes are temporary solutions to a bigger problem. They help you to lose weight quickly, but don’t teach how to sustain the new weight. There have been lots of studies on the long term effects of dieting. Researchers at UCLA found the following: “One study of dieting obese patients followed them for varying lengths of time. Among those who were followed for fewer than two years, 23 percent gained back more weight than they had lost, while of those who were followed for at least two years, 83 percent gained back more weight than they had lost, Mann said. One study found that 50 percent of dieters weighed more than 11 pounds over their starting weight five years after the diet.” Although these results come as no surprise, they do beg the question “what is missing in these diets?” The problem lies in the fact that most dieters aren’t taught how to eat correctly. If you want to lose weight and have better health, eat whole foods in moderate amounts!

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The Best of Health To You!

– Shaughnessy Reid, D.C. (Chiropractor and Wellness Consultant with Reid Family Wellness)


1) http://newsroom.ucla.edu/releases/Dieting-Does-Not-Work-UCLA-Researchers-7832



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