The following are what we use in our office to eliminate these stressors:

MindFit (Brain Balancing) Technology

This technology uses a combination of Binaural Beat/Isochronic Tones,  Light Frequencies, Auriculotherapy, and Positive Affirmations to aid the chiropractic adjustment in balancing out brain function so the body can better heal.  This is a truly relaxing therapy that naturally trains the brain to relax, and produce the healing signals needed to truly heal. 

Relaxation Techniques

We introduce all of our patients to ways they can reduce stress levels on a daily basis.  Through regular (free) educational workshops provided in the office, we provide valuable tips, secrets, and strategies to our patients and their guests so they can train their brain while they are away from the office.  Everything you do can either hinder, or help you heal.  

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