Have you ever signed up for a “rewards program” with your favorite retail store, gas station, or credit card company?

If you have, you know that this is a fantastic way to get rewarded for things you do anyway such as fuel up your car or buy an occasional coffee. In the simplest form, a rewards program is a present you choose and plan to receive.

Did you know  you can participate in a built-in rewards program EVERY DAY for the stuff you do and the types of thoughts you form?

Your brain produces a chemical (amongst many others) called “dopamine” when it perceives pleasure, or that you’ve done something good for it.

One of the main feedback systems built into your brain’s operating system is the dopamine reward system. This system allows each and every one of us to recognize potential rewards and gives us the feeling of hope to act out the steps to receive the reward.

Even simply closing your eyes and envisioning yourself being happy can produce a dopaminergic reward, and deliver a chemical rush of pleasure. Repeat episodes of happiness actually train your brain to repeat the patterns of behavior with more ease.

Dale Partridge, Author of People Over Profit, can be quoted saying

“Pattern is powerful.”

If you havn’t heard this yet, one important job your brain works on at all times is to build comfortable patterns within your environment.

Simply stated: give a brain a reward and a brain will repeat, because it’s comfortable.


The main goal of neurologically based chiropractic care is to identify and support the brain and body in correcting faulty stress patterns.  Our doctors will share the strategies and procedures to train your brain to form fresh, healthy patterns again.

What are you rewarding your brain with?

Get your brain health evaluated by a doctor that specializes in brain function by calling 217-698-5800

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