With the rising cost of chronic (preventable) disease, it is clear that we all should pay MORE attention to what is affecting our current health status. The problems and the solutions are woven into the everyday function of the brain, how we train our brain, and how much FUN we have with life.

Even though you may not be consciously aware of it, your brain is monitoring and responding to stress thousands of times every second of your life. This “Stress Response” has been the subject of rigorous study and is the focus of many physicians, including doctors Chris and Shaughnessy Reid.

Locating the faulty patterns in our body’s stress RECOVERY systems and building a plan to correct them, is the modern way to unlock the healing potential that every one of us is born with.

Dr. Shaughnessy reports

“These things we consider normal such as fanatically busy work and home life, the inflammation from our diets, and dehydration.  All of these influences on our stress-handling systems have made it difficult to avoid the bodily harm of stress. We are no longer living in the slow, relaxed lifestyles we are scientifically proven to thrive in. People with prolonged poor recovery from these stressors take the hit in their energy levels and focus, and I help the people I work with to forget what that feels like.”

The fact is this: 98% of the energy and electrical operation of the human brain is “subconscious” or “unconscious”. This means that we don’t have awareness or control over the majority of our everyday brain function.  At Reid Family Wellness, we use up-to-date medical research and skilled examination to better steer our approach, providing the opportunity to identify WHY most health challenges are present.

It’s the solutions to your health that we are most interested in.

Schedule a consult and find a common sense approach that will boost proper brain function and coordinate body-wide wellness without drugs or surgery.

Do want to know how healthy you are? Get your brain health evaluated by a doctor that specializes in chiropractic and brain function.

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