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What We Focus On

Stress Management
Stress Management

Stress is something we all experience daily and it greatly affects how our body functions. Click below to learn more about stress and how we can help you!

Peak Performance
Peak Performance

Peak Performance in life is something we all want to achieve, but how do we get there? Click below to find out!

Family Wellness Programs
Family Wellness Programs

At Reid Family Wellness we want you and your family to achieve and maintain optimal health. Click below to learn more!


With a unique approach to patient-care, we make sure to get to the root cause of dysfunction and disease. We understand that in order to change the pattern of dysfunction, disease, and stress, we must look to how the brain is processing these current stressors.


Let’s face it, everyone has stress in their life.  Our doctors know how to evaluate your body and your brain to find out how stress is affecting your ACTUAL health.  Do you recover properly? Is there something you could be doing to feel better more often? Does your family need solutions so everyone isn’t ALWAYS sick? Gain access to the solutions to these common questions at your first appointment in our office.


There is no cure for stress and by ONLY managing it is masking the truth.  Explore options to reduce the physical stress associated with work and home life, discover the benefits of removing harmful toxins from your home and diet, and empower your family with science-based stress recovery techniques.

Stress is in everyone’s life, to varying degrees. Becoming aware of your stress and how it is affecting you, plays a big part in healing and creating optimal health.

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